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Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Raining! More Or Less.

Monsoon season is here. Wind and rain are the topic of the day. A big hubub over the haboob word caused quite a reaction from a lot of people. Haboob is an Arabic word. It refers to the huge dust storms they have. We have them here too. A lot of folks were upset and said to just call it a dust storm because of the origin of the 'H' word. Origin of the word? Hmm . . then what about Taco and Pina Colada?

Anyway, the rain is pretty much hit and miss as usual. While one part of town is getting a drenching, the other part is enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully we will have a wet monsoon season, we can sure use the water.

Our landscape plants enjoy the rain. A drink of fresh rain water perks them right up. I'm looking forward to more. It cools things down for a day or two which helps in the hot summer temperature.


  1. Hi, Jim. I used to have a house in Green Valley. My folks live there and I have forwarded your great blog onto them. I and they are avid gardeners. I love gardening in the desert. I'm glad you are making quality information available to gardening enthusiasts in the Desert Southwest; and around the world!

  2. Hello Dana. I'm so glad you found my blog and chose to follow it. Thanks for passing it on to your folks. I'm hoping we can get something going for Southwest gardeners. I appreciate all comments and suggestions to make this a GREAT blog. Jim