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Friday, July 29, 2011

Frost and freeze

How are you plants doing in the cold weather? We are in our typical winter season now. Some cool nights, some cold nights and a few freezing nights too.

Most Native, Desert adapted and Xeriscape plants can deal with the cold with little or no damage. However, some of us plop plants into our gardens and landscapes that are much more tender to our weather extremes.

Bed sheet or Frost Blanket material offer the 'freeze tender' plants about an additional 3 degrees of protection. For really cold tender plants, placing a light bulb or a string of the old fashioned Christmas Tree lights under the cover material will help keep them toasty warm at night.

Do you have a successful method of protecting your plants from the cold? Maybe a picture too? If so, post it here to share with other Desert gardeners and newcomers to our area.

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