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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here Comes Summer

Tomatoes are toasting and peppers are roasting . . .  in the garden! To extend the harvest, now is the time to provide some shade for tomato and pepper plants.
This is also the time to harvest your onions and garlic.  I use a spading fork to gently raise them up a bit and then let them set for several days. After that, I shake the soil from the roots and put the fully formed onions and garlic in full shade to 'cure' for about a week. Then its off with their heads! Well, at least the dried leaves anyway. The best way to store garlic is in recycled pantyhose. That's right. Drop a few garlic down into the pantyhose. Work them down to the toe then tie a knot just above the garlic. Drop a few more down the leg and tie another knot. Keep it up until your crop is safely stored with good ventilation. When you need some garlic, just take the scissors and cut the lowest section off just below a knot. Clever, eh what?
How do you store your garden harvest?